A new library for Calunasan Elementary School in Bohol

Ecoliers des Philippines

After several months of work by a local team from the village or the surrounding area (mason, carpenter, painter and other occasional little hands), the library/study room of the Calunasan school can finally be used by the pupils, once they find their way back to their school. We hope that this small room, which would seem quite ordinary to us here, will be an oasis of knowledge and rest for the pupils. Help with homework, reading, individual or group educational games, extra-curricular activities… so many activities which will finally find a suitable place.

Being far from the field, this kind of project requires meticulous follow-up by our volunteer members, as well as a relationship of total trust with our local contacts. At the beginning of the work, we take care to establish a charter at the beginning of the project, which allows us to lay down certain rules so that the management of the project is as convenient as possible afterwards. We communicate very regularly with the teaching staff on site to ensure that deadlines and budgets are respected and to be able to follow the progress of the work, even thousands of kilometres away. This involvement that we strive to have is our way of reassuring and thanking our donors, without whom we could not be so ambitious.

With our “Renovation and construction of educational premises” project, the association aims to improve the comfort of Filipino students while promoting employment in the villages where we work. This year, a small novelty: we have also chosen to employ a photographer who has enabled us to take beautiful pictures.

We are now working to equip this room with books and educational games. If you have any ideas on how to obtain them easily and cheaply, please contact us and let us know.Thank you in advance, and stay tuned!

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