Building & renovating

Ecoliers des Philippines construction et rénovation

Project “Les Locaux Motivent”

The main goals are :

  • Renovate and modernize classroomsand reception areas (dining hall, washrooms, playgrounds, kitchen)
  • Develop/transform or create educational and recreational spaces
    Encourage local labor by soliciting local artisans (carpenters, etc.).
  • Make school days more enjoyable for the students.
  • Give the opportunity to French people to realize a concrete, useful and human project in the Philippines.

Mandaug 2019

During July 2019, a part of the team as well as a few volunteer have traveled to the Philippines in Bohol to visit  the Mandaug elementary school and rebuilt a classroom. Thanks to the donations and to all the people in France, pupils and teachers who contributed, the team proceeded to the operation 500 supplies distribution and managed to complete the classroom project in around two weeks. Thank you to all the people who made this fantastic journey possible and a million thanks to the  people of Bohol for their wonderful hospitality during those 3 weeks!