Introducing The Operation 500 season 2 at the elementary school of Roquebrune sur Argens in the south of France

The members of Ecoliers des Philippines were on this Friday, November 29th at the primary school of Roquebrune sur Argens to present the second edition of Operation 500.
Like last year, this school very generously accepted to participate in the operation which once again promises to be a huge success.
This year, the organization is slightly different in terms of the collection of supplies because each class will have its own pair of materials to provide. Another difference compared to last year is that the school that will benefit from the donations will be the primary school of Calunasan a few kilometres away from the school of Mandaug.
As you may have noticed on our social networks, the students are once again very enthusiastic about supporting their Filipino counterparts.

Thank you again to the teachers and parents for their support in the success of these operations.

Supplies will be collected on 19 December and the operation will continue in January in other partner schools.

See you soon for more news!

The EdPhil team.

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