Julie’s Odyssey

“Ecoliers des Philippines” is back!

The association is growing and thanks to a wise recruitment during the mercato, it is now time for the tactical implementation!

In order to set up our new projects, we send to Bohol the new globe-trotter of the team, Julie. Filled with energy and good will, our emissary sets down his suitcases in Mandaug with the mission to evaluate the needs of the city’s “elementary school”, which has no less than 480 children.

The stay proves to be fruitful. The meeting with the teachers of the school and the few remaining children in class (school holidays oblige) allows us to constitute a list of potential actions for our crew. The repair of the sanitary facilities, the rehabilitation of abandoned rooms in the toy library, the construction of playgrounds or a shelter for the children in case of bad weather are as many potential actions identified.
Our representative is also planning a future exchange with a school in France and is also meeting with local construction companies in order to put a figure on the various projects.

Mission accomplished but this new adventure has only just begun, our next objectives will be to sort and prioritize all these ideas and to find funding. For this we will need your help!

Thank you very much to Julie for her help and her investment in this great adventure.

Thank you for your support and see you soon for new events and news from us!

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