Material assistance

Ecoliers des Philippines

The objective : To provide a minimum of confort to the pupils so that the lack of material does not hinder their schooling.

Our philosophy :
The association, by choosing to do more than “simply” distribute school kits to students in need, has not taken the easiest path, but  the most rewarding. Indeed, we chose to meet French elementary pupils to explain our approach to them and make them aware of the precarious school conditions in some parts of the world. We want to respond to their questions, to their astonishment, and make them feel the sense of solidarity that we believe in innate from childhood.

The means :
For the past two years, we have been active in schools in the Var by deploying our Operation 500 project ; we now have five schools which embarked with us in this solidarity journey. Several members of the association reserve one or more afternoons to give a talk to students in the form of quizzes, videos, exchanges on the subject of school conditions in the Philippines. During this conference, the pupils are invited, if they are willing to help, to offer a school kit (equivalent to less than 3€) to Filipino pupils we support.

To learn more about this initiative, please consult the blog articles about them !