Operation 500

Operation 500

Increase the comfort of learning and teaching through educational supports: books, school supplies, recreational play material (toys, etc.), furniture (chairs, tables, a larger board, etc.). Make students aware of daily hygiene (toilets, dining hall).

Due to the high shipping costs to the Philippines, the association will favor regular financial transfers in order to supply schools with the necessary school materials.
Nevertheless, subject to finding an inexpensive way, the association also plans to send: books, toys, extra-curricular material and any educational support that it could collect from individuals.


Building on its success over the winter 2018 / summer 2019 period, Operation 500 returns this year with new partner schools! This year, 4 schools from the PACA region (Aurélien school and René Char school in Fréjus, Roquebrune sur Argens and Bouverie schools) will participate in the operation and we thank them very much for their contribution. to our project. Like last year, each student can, if they wish, help a Filipino schoolboy with the donation of a piece of school equipment (eraser, pen, pencil, notebook …). Note that this year, the supplies will be distributed to a new school in the Philippines, the Calunasan school, which succeeds the Mandaug school for this project.


In partnership with the French schools of Roquebrune sur Argens (Village and La Bouverie), Puget sur Argens and Peyruis, the association sets up a donation system between PACA and Filipino students. The goal is to collect school supplies to ship them to the Philippines. Each child will be able, on a voluntary basis, to donate some of their supplies to be redistributed to a Filipino schoolboy. In 2018 the first edition of the operation was a fantastic success allowing to collect 510 notebooks, 743 pens, 1450 colored pencils and 171 erasers! The objective of the association is to perpetuate and extend the operation in order to reproduce it each year in even more schools