Operation 500 : season 2!

Building on its success in the winter 2018 / summer 2019 period, Operation 500 is returning this year with new partner schools!

This year, 4 schools from the PACA region (Aurélien and René Char schools in Fréjus, Roquebrune sur Argens and de la Bouverie schools) will participate in the operation and we thank them very much for their contribution to our project, which promises to be exciting once again!

As last year, each pupil will be able to help a Filipino pupil with the donation of a piece of school material (eraser, pencil, pencil, notebook…). Collection bins will be placed in the classrooms to facilitate the process.

Note that this year, the supplies will be distributed to a new school in the Philippines, the Calunasan school which succeeds the Mandaug school for this project.

The first presentation of this season took place at the beginning of November at the Aurélien school in Fréjus with very attentive young contributors! 🙂

Other visits are on the program by the end of the year and in January.

Thanks to all the children, parents and of course the teaching staff without whom we could not organize these events.

The whole team is ready and we can’t wait to come and see you!

See you soon,

The EDPhil team.

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