Our adventure, day after day (episode 2)

Day 2 – Wednesday July 17th – by Félix

After an enthusiastic wake-up call, and a breakfast filled with fruit and the famous and awaited Chiffon cake, we head to the school where the flag raising ceremony begins. All the students sing the national anthem in one voice while the blue white red yellow colours of the flag rise to a sky that is already blue despite the early morning hour. On the road adjacent to the school, there are signs telling fast motorists and slower tuktuk drivers that the ceremony is underway.
It is nice to see the usefulness of the sound system provided to the school by the association. Talking to 500 students every morning to introduce the hymn and say a prayer is easier when a microphone is present! 🙂

And starts on day one, the one we’re holding back.
The tasks multiply, small working groups are formed, and under the direction of pend, the roof/chapter renovation is set up, while the sanding and painting of the chairs workshop is organized. The working ant hill is launched! Perched on top of the building, our elite carpenter is surprised to come across an anthill of excited people, who, ending up on the floor of the hall, will say hello to everyone.
The unhooking of the painting will also give rise to a swarm of thousands of paws.
The insects have definitely taken possession of the place 🙂

Around noon, the stomachs show their emptiness, and the troop heads at high speed in tuktuk towards Calape, a village 5 km from the school where there is a market. There we find a small restaurant where the finest gourmets would have found their happiness. We will come back there several times 🙂

After the lunch break, the work starts again, and sanding, shopping, arrival of boards, refreshing watering follow one another.
The arrival of Jessie and her “binignit”, a drink made of sweet potatoes (si, si!), coconut, tapioca, banana, is a great pleasure for the whole team, as much for the gesture as for the taste 🙂
And the work starts again, with notably the painting team honouring the wood of the chairs with a sumptuous caramel colour…

The day always ends with smiles and cheerful “hello!” from the children. We will then see that they will last the whole stay, without any of us getting tired of them for a single second. Tidying up, sweeping, and key turns and here we are at home for the farandole of showers, showers that even the most recalcitrant among us hasten to take to remove all traces of paint, sawdust or perspiration.
The usual rice accompanies a bevy of vegetables to satisfy ourselves after this busy day.

A few parts of “Perudo” punctuate the evening, which ends with a part of “Hein” which will never have been so well named for some.
Then the lights go out, the snoring comes before the nocturnal roosters stop them a few hours later.
Can’t wait for the next day to get back to work 🙂

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