Our adventure, day after day (episode 3)

Day 6 – Monday July the 22nd – by Julie

Start of the day at 6.30 am with the Vino&Rito roosters, we take coffee and showers in turn. Last breakfast at 9. Everybody gets ready to go back to work after our few days off. Arrived at the school, we start again the construction site: nailing of the ceiling, painting of the roof, washing and other paintings of all kinds in perspective 🙂
Motivation is always present but physical fitness is not at its best! All the more so as we are losing one of the eminent members of the group today : Wendy the carpenter…

The nailing of the panels to restore the false ceiling is longer than expected and takes time to set up. After several attempts, the technique is acquired and we begin to make serious progress.
The children are always on the edge of the construction site to watch us, while today is a holiday: it’s the feast of Bohol!

It’s still more fun (and easier) to work in the presence of teachers and students. They are all extremely curious about our work. During the first day of work, some students wrote thank you notes on papers (and with indelible markers on tables… :D)!
After this third day of work at school, the group is getting organized. Everyone is working on one of the tasks listed on our “organisation flipchart”. Working in small groups really makes the tasks easier and more enjoyable. We measure, saw, nail, pull out, clean (non-stop:)) and do some small side tasks (putting a lock back on the main door of the room). The lunch break is a lifesaver and Russell helps us a lot: she takes care of the house, the meals, (possible) changes of rice cooker, etc.

In the afternoon, we treated the wood against termites, painted the exterior and the underside of the roof lintels. Mac-Mac the carpenter or Mac2 for intimates will take care of the closet and other fine wood stains.
The delicious “calamay” could have been used as a putty but Ma’am Celine had eaten it all… :O
Girls proved to be relatively more skilled and quicker than boys at nailing the false ceiling (especially Ma’am Celine who prefers to nail it diagonally).

The day ends at the front at 6:30 pm for the hard workers that we are!
We return home washed up to find on the table rice (of course), two dishes of fish with sweet and sour sauce (yum) and two liters of beer (only…) to reward our exhausted bodies!

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