Our adventure, day after day (episode 3,5)

Day 8 – Wednesday July 25th – by Clément

The day after karaoke… on the construction site (it rhymes Karim)

Whose crazy idea was it to renovate a school? At least it wasn’t Charlemagne. It’s with the
vocal cords still warm as we make our way to school. “It’s time for Africaaa,” one said, he said.
it’s time to tackle the leaching, we say.

This morning’s program: leaching of the floor of our classroom, of the storage room, and of the walls at
repaint. Then the team tackles the green paint on the freshly installed roof sheets, as well as the
Repairing the bulkhead of the storage room. Right, ’cause scrubbing’s cool, but nail-piercing is
even more coooool. (And Coooool is a lousy Pokémon, author’s note).

After these hard efforts, we are invited for a noon feast at Celine’s aunt’s house. It’s difficult to
remembering all the delicious things prepared on this table. In any case, the fruit salad will remain
etched in our memories. Congratulations to the chefs!

Back to the construction site. We tackle the first coat of white paint with ardour and liveliness.
of the ceiling, and the white paint on the umbrellas in the windows. Well, I call them umbrellas, but…
the expression “small horizontal board nailed to the window frame for the purpose of making a curtain, and
separation from the outside” is probably more appropriate. We also carry out a cleaning of the walls
and the second coat of paint on the ceiling. Oulalalaaa, shields up at the back of the room!
“What do I hear, first coat AND second coat of ceiling paint in the same day?! ». And yes, because at
As school children in the Philippines, we know how to combine quality and speed of execution at the same time. Well done!

With the sun setting early in the Philippines, we spend a few minutes finishing our respective tasks at the
frontally, then return home with a light heart and heavy legs.

Highlight of the day: it was the first time we saw Jessie so involved! And when Jessie
you get your shirt wet, it’s like a rocket ship taking off. “We’re fiiiire.”


Yes, for those who follow, this day comes before the last published episode. Editor’s note

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