Our adventure, day after day (episode 4)

Day 9 – Thursday July 25th – by Pascale

8:00 a.m., I got chills.
The sweat that’s already running down your forehead
Clack’s making the door to our pretty class
Jessie’s here, a kid’s coming over.

Julie and I, cuckoo Maxou
Tell us, but where are you at?
This afternoon, promise spit?
Child’s play, this broken bench.

Everyone does, does, does
What he likes, likes, likes…

Roll, roll the brushes
Material shopping
And rolls Jessie
Finished ceiling.

Baby steps right on the roof.
But it’s Junie with her saw…
A little broke for lunch.
Cards declined, in a bit of a hurry.

Everybody does, does, does
What he likes, likes, likes…

And at that point what
you did?

We cried, we danced and we shared.
So many emotions
Never alone, alone, alone, alone.
Acknowledgements like never before
And friendship in full brew.

Everyone does, does, does
Better, better, better, better…

Clack this day is over
Too many thanks, a little embarrassed,
But so happy, but so happy,
Thank you, school, thank you, Bohol.

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