Our adventure, day after day (episode 5)

Day 10 – Friday July 26th – by Thierry

Like every day, getting up at 7:00 a.m. at the sound of roosters and the carpenter… Quiet breakfast and
studious with the objective of attending the flag raising at 7:45 am. Like every morning, only Felix
and I were able to attend this event that was a little strange for us! Anyway, there are the workers and the

Arrival at 7:45 am at the school where our carpenter, joiner, painter, alias “Junie” is waiting for us.
already. We open the door for him and there he goes to install the mouldings that we kindly left for him for
keep him busy. While waiting for the others, the decision is made to start the second layer of
painting of the frames, namely a bright blue. Half a frame later, the second
part of the group is coming. So we all decide to get into the framing to save time.
with the exception of the brains of the team, our president and her treasurer, who are summoned for
a summit meeting with a few teachers, including the director, to define the different axes
of the project after we left. Anyway, they came back around 10:30 and in the meantime, the team has
finished painting the frames and the front of the roof.

After a brief consultation, it was decided to start painting the walls of the room in white before
to put on a second blue layer. Little worry in Jessie’s eyes as she has a slight
attraction to the color blue… We reassure him and he validates our choice, so we throw ourselves into it.
in the first white layer.
An hour later, Jessie comes in to inform us that the white paint is wrong… Thank you
Jessie for responsiveness! Anyway, on that note, we decide to go eat.

Back around 2pm, we start on the blue paint after a series of explanations on the
different brands of paint by our “Jessie”. At around 4:00 pm, we leave to do our
“farewell tour” to the students in the classrooms. As during our entire stay, the moments spent
with the students are by far the most moving… Smiles, little words of all kinds, thanks…
are on the program, that unforgettable moments…
After these few emotional moments, back to blue paint, or should I say TO THE
blue paints… Indeed, our chief engineer on color mixing (Jessie for not
name it) obviously had some problems with the dosage… Anyway, three jars of blue, not two…

Quite happy with the result, we decide to end the day and enjoy a well-deserved evening.
by living a new experience full of emotions: “the McDonald’s in Tubigon”, but this is still
another story…

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