Our frist steps in the press: An article in La Nouvelle République

Louise Lelièvre, from Chatellerault, France, is a participant in “Schoolchildren of the Philippines”, created to provide material aid and promote education.

Louise Lelièvre is no stranger to you, reader friends: this summer and autumn, the young woman recounted her amazing train journey from Mongolia with her friend from Nantes, Charlène Ménard.

A master’s student (specialising in French as a foreign language), a course she successfully completed in Poitiers, the 24-year-old from Châtellerault is now engaged in another adventure.
With Céline Zaradzki, a Franco-Filipino friend who lives in Bourg-la-Reine (Hauts-de-Seine), Louise runs an association with a humanitarian vocation: Écoliers des Philippines.
In fact, the idea has been smouldering in Céline’s head for several years,” says Louise Lelièvre. She was thinking of setting up a project to support the school where she went to school as a child. »

Cultural link and material support

This is a school in the village of Mandaug, located in Bohol, one of the islands of the archipelago.” The association was created in order to give the schoolchildren of Mandaug the chance to live out their years of schooling in the best possible conditions, with the hope that one day the majority of them will go on to university. The success of the project in Mandaug is not an end in itself, but rather the beginning of an accompaniment to sustainable education on the island of Bohol,” emphasizes the association’s Facebook page.
Concretely, Louise, who is the secretary and spokesperson of the association and Céline, who presides over it, have decided to focus their actions on three aspects”. First, we wanted to create a cultural link between France and the Philippines. We imagined a correspondence between the Lakanal school in Châtellerault and the school in Bohol.”
The second part of the project involves providing material support to about 40 schoolchildren by sending books, supplies, furniture, etc.
The association also intends to raise funds to rehabilitate local premises (classrooms, canteen, sanitary facilities) in a region of the world particularly affected by natural disasters.
“We want to see what we can do over several years. We want to see what can be done over several years. We would also like the links with Châtellerault to be perpetuated,” says Louise. To be continued.

Contact: Schoolchildren in the Philippines,; http://ecoliers-ph.weebly.com

Franck Bastard

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