Our story

The first steps of the association were made in Bohol, an island in the Visayas region, and more precisely in the small village of Mandaug. When the association was founded, its resources barely allowed it to provide occasional help to the village nursery school, which has around 30 students.

The first actions were simple and one-off: provide school materials, repair a piece of school destroyed by earthquakes. Then, little by little, the association grew, both in experience and in the number of members and volunteers. From project to project, from dream to dream, Écoliers des Philippines has led its boat of solidarity by forging itself around 3 main areas of intervention:

  • Material aid, to provide students with a minimum of comfort so that the lack of material does not hamper their schooling;
  • The renovation of educational premises, by renovating unsanitary or abandoned teaching premises in order to improve the daily lives of pupils, or to build educational structures (toy libraries, libraries, etc.);
  • Cultural sharing, the aim of which is to create bridges between French and Filipino cultures through exchanges between classes in order to promote open-mindedness among students and the discovery of other cultures.
Opération 500

In 2019, after a field trip by several members of the association, a new priority axis found its place in our program:

  • Food aid, to fight against dropping out of school caused by undernutrition and hunger by providing one hot meal a day to the most disadvantaged students, directly at school.
Cérémonie remerciement

Today, with the experience gained over the past 6 years of existence, the members of Ecoliers des Philippines continue to give of their time to make an improvement, however small, in the lives and future of the children. Filipino school children.

Rencontre avec Mandaug