The team

In 2014, when it was created, Ecoliers des Philippines was a blank canvas ready to welcome all the possibilities. Today, it is a canvas filled with colors, with personalities from various horizons, each one bringing their personal touch to enrich this common work.


Clément, president, engineer in charge of space affairs in Toulouse. Proud to be part of this crew, and to support the education of Filipino schoolchildren !


Céline, secretary, aerospace engineer in Cannes. Franco-Filipino founder of the association, I believe in the power of a group of people with the same dream !

Félix, treasurer, high school physics and chemistry teacher, present since the creation of the association and motivated more than ever to help as much as I can with access for all to education 🙂

Clélia, aerospace engineer in Cannes, creative, dynamic, and happy to participate in opening up to the world of schoolchildren and sharing values ​​through humanitarian projects.

Olivier, initiator of ideas, aerospace technician in Cannes, I remain convinced that by giving a pen and instruction to a child, you give him the weapons to succeed !

Louise, in charge of the international mobility program in Paris region, I wanted to help bring to life this dream of supporting students on the island where Céline grew up. I am delighted with how far we have come !


Julie, aerospace engineer in Cannes, very happy to participate in this human adventure, full of sharing, discovery and solidarity !


Arnaud, engineer in the submarine industry at Sophia Antipolis, I joined the association because I believe in equal opportunities and knowledge for all.


Charlotte, teacher in Châtellerault, I try every day to make my pupils want to learn. I have extended my range of action by a few thousand kms, which I’m very happy for !

Fiona, landscaper in Biot, I very recently had the opportunity to join the association. I can’t wait to get involved in this project and help this great team !


Bertrand, IT engineer, very happy to help the association and join the team in this great project.


Nadège, teacher in Châtellerault, for several months I had wanted to help an association in the field of education, and Charlotte told me about Écoliers des Philippines that I joined.