Embark with us on a journey in pictures through the various actions undertaken by volunteers of the association.

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2018 – Visit of Julie at Mandaug Elementary School

Julie was our first volunteer in Mandaug. Her visit helped us claim our existence and our willing to help to the teachers of the school. She was our eyes on the field and she helped us draw the future projects.

2018 – Visit of Martina and Adrien to Mandaug school

Martina and Adrien were travelling through the Philippines and stopped by Mandaug to say hello to the pupils but also to deliver them a sound system which they use every morning during flag ceremony. Martina and Adrien also took the time to explain to the pupils where they came from, it was a very nice sharing moment !

2019 – Humanitarian challenge of 4oupascap in Mandaug

4 ou Pas Cap was a group of young French sportsmen and women travelling across the world and taking up different challenges. Our organization was lucky enough to be chosen as recipient of the school materials they had collected in France for their humanitarian challenge. Their presence in Mandaug will not be forgotten !

2019 – Distribution of materials and renovation of a classroom in Mandaug

This volunteer experience will live in our memories for a long time : it was the first time that members of the association went to the Philippines to meet the recipients of all their hard work. They distributed the Operation 500 edition 1 box containing school supplies donated by French pupils, and renovated the old classroom of Sir Jessie who did not have a place to teach. Memorable moments !